Sunday, April 13, 2014

♥110♥ Japan winter trip days 1-3


It's been ages since I've blogged, sorry for my absence!
My plan was actually to give my blog a whole make over with the start of 2014 but I guess I failed huh?
Even though my blog was never something serious it annoyed me to see other bloggers with beautiful professional banners and pictures and I decided for myself that I wanted to improve my blog as well. 
But since uni work was killing me and I was slightly lazy to look into it. I still hope to do so in the near future though! And a DSLR camera is on my wish list as well!

The first thing I want to blog about is my Japan trip in december.
I can with certainty say that this trip was one of the best things I've done in my life!
I was kind of stuck with 'what I want to do with my life' and felt like I didn't have a 'goal' or a 'dream' but I Tokyo was love on first sight so I decided that I want to live there, at least for a while which gives me more motivation to do my best and study hard every day ^^

Anyway, enough talking! 

On the 23rd of december I took my flight from Amsterdam, I had one stop in France which was kind of terrible because I had only 1.5 hours to change flights and the Paris airport is really like a maze to me ><The staff on the plane was also very rude! in my first plane other people took the space for my luggage so they told me to put my trolley and bag under my chair... which resulted in not having any space at all, so I don't really recommend air France honestly.
The second plane which was also Air France was a little bit better, I was sitting besides a lovely Japanese couple who asked me many questions and helped me with all kinds of things ^^ They even wanted to take a picture with me when we left the plane, how cute! But embarassing as well since I was super tired and not wearing any make up at all! During the flight I tried to sleep but the seats were so uncomfortable so I was exhausted when I arrived at Narita airport in the late morning on christmas eve.

Day 1
Of course I needed to take a plane picture! The landscape in Japan is so different from the Netherlands. In the distance I was able to see mount Fuji but it didn't show up on the picture sadly!

I stayed together in a hotel with my friends from Germany, Sesin and Vicky. 
They were so kind to pick me up from Narita and we decided to have a meal at the airport. A special thing in Japan is all the plastic food, it's so much easier to decide when you can actually see what your food will look like! ^^
First meal in Japan ^O^
As I arrived on christmas eve our bus driver was of course Santa! :D
Our hotel was in Itabashi, it's just one station from Ikebukuro so quite central!
The best thing was that the hotel was located right next to the station ^^ 
The hotel room from Sesin and me. The bed looks really small on this picture I don't know why, it was a normal double bed. But when we started buying more clothes the room got quite full. The staff wasn't able to clean our room at a certain point because we had too many shoes and clothes lying around! xD 

We wanted to find a fancy restaurant for a Christmas dinner but everything was already booked so we just decided to go to Shinjuku and see what was there! 
We quickly went in Studio Alta and I was so amazed to see so many beautiful clothes and people at the same time xD I wanted to shop a bit longer but one of my friends was really hungry so we went to look for food!
When you see these kind of things you know you're in Japan :D

Sesin had brought me Christmas presents *^* how sweet! and I loved everything!
Aren't the tights just the cutest? And the eyeshadow became my favorite <3
My friends had been in Japan for a while so for Christmas they wanted to eat Western food for christmas.
 Western food can be quite good in Japan! (the fries weren't that special though xD)
Day 2

I had been waiting so long but the time was finally there! shopping in Shibuya like a dream coming true lol. I took a picture before shopping, kinda liked my hair this day! If you're going to the most fashionable place on earth (in my opinion) you have to look good as well!
It felt so unreal standing here after seeing it on pictures and videos so many times!

It's not allowed to take pictures inside 109 but I secretly I took a derpy video. Seriously why did I shake so much? excitement?! At least you can see the D.I.A and Liz Lisa(?) store. On my next trip I should definitely take better videos!

We looked through all the shops in 109 which took a loooong time. I only bought a D.I.A coat, a pair of shoes and some tights I think! There was just too much to see that I couldn't possibly immediately decide what to buy.
We had our lunch at the highest level of 109. I can really recommend the Italian food there! You can choose pasta and a parfait for only 1000~ yen and it was really delicious! Better than the Italian restaurants in the Netherlands I think.
Pretty Sesin and me!
After shopping we wanted to look for purikura, I love how all these pictures look so oldschool gyaru *-*
We ended up choosing the Cherry cherry purikura machine but none of us really liked it~ 
The settings of the eyes are on the smallest size but it's still a bit scary lol so we decorated it kinda ugly haha
In the evening I had bought many snacks at the Konbini for the next day! I'm really in love with konbini's, so much food to choose from! and all that candy *-* Why doesn't every country have this?! Sesin and me left to Shinjuku station to take a bus to Morioka because we had concert tickets for the next day to see the Gazette!
Day 3

We arrived in Morioka at about 5:30 in the morning. Nothing at the station was open except for this waiting room so we just sat there for many hours and put on our make up >o< 
So later we decided to take a stroll through the town but there was not much to see. Already started to miss Tokyo! We didn't quite know what to do and we still had many hours until the concert would start..
A few hours later the mall inside the station opened but it was not so interesting either, the clothes were kinda boring compared to previous day  109! This market was kinda cute though.
Now I have a funny story to share with you, we thought we are so smart and we could find a bigger city near Morioka to go shopping. We googled a few of our favorite stores and found out there was a Ma*rs store in the next city called Aoyama. We took a train and went there. However...
Well this was the beautiful Aoyama XD Only abandoned old houses, pachinko and many car stores.

I don't even know why we even tried.. we should have gone back immediatly but stubborn as we were we wanted to find our Ma*rs store and tadaaa~ xDD
Seriously I had to laugh so much at how stupid we were when I saw this!
So apparently it was some kind of weird restaurant FML haha

After our epic fail we went back to Morioka and had lunch, this Curry was just the best *-*
Since there wasn't much else to do we just decided to spend the rest of the day at karaoke! Sing many Gazette songs before the concert hehe ^^ 
Strawberry milk! so delicious 
If anyone of you know which song this is I love you haha xD

We left to the concert hall quite early, luckily it was right next to the station.
 We were so early but we couldn't find the room where they sold the merchandise. I think we've seen all the levels in this building but we didn't go downstairs xD And when we got there most of the nice things were sold out and I ended up buying nothing..
We didn't really have a good place at the concert but it was still so awesome! I really prefer Japanese concerts to European ones. There are no annoying people pushing you aside or shoving their camera's in your face to film the concert. In fact it wasn't allowed to take pictures but I secretly did with my phone, how badass of me .. *^* xD
By the way, this red thing there is Ruki haha :'D

Sadly I didn't know most of the songs from the new album so I was happy they played older songs too, like Filth in the Beauty and Cockroach. finally I had seen the band I've been listening to since I was 13 years old *^* 
You know what upsetted me though? how we were all sweating and with messed up hair when the concert was over but all the Japanese people there looked just as perfect as when they got there! In the evening we took the bus back to Tokyo, will write about the following days there in the next blogpost! In another blogpost I will show my buys as well as a little guide for people who want to travel to Japan!

Also for those who don't know, I'll be going back to Japan for the whole month of July, so if there's anything specific you want me to blog about there, let me know!

By the way I'm more into instagram lately so don't forget to follow! 

Friday, November 15, 2013

♥109♥ Bad blogger! One ok rock concert, Halloween and Monokuro cafe

Hello there~

I'm glad you guys are still reading my blog! I've been such a bad blogger ><
In the past month a lot has changed, bad things and good things happened but nonetheless I'm glad with  how everything went and I suprisingly passed my mid-terms too so yay! xD And there is only a little bit over a month left before I'm on my flight to Tokyo, it still feels kind of unreal *-*

I didn't keep up with everything so I'm just going to write about some highlights~

At the end of october my friend Sharity and I went to the One ok Rock concert in Amsterdam.
It was a kinda last minute decision but luckily there were still tickets available 2 days before the gig (^^)

My look that day!
 I forgot my real camera in my hometown so cellphone pics will have to do ;_;
I also changed my bangs, what do you think?
I didn't make so many selfies lately so have 2 of them xD
Sadly no outfit shot because the lightning in my new room sucks ><

We arrived 30 minutes before they would open the venue and we thought we could get a good place but ofcourse the most harcore fans were already there for some hours so we ended up somewhere in the middle, as we aren't tall it was hard to see the stage but it was fun nonetheless!

The concert was in 'de Melkweg' this hall isn't so big but it was filled with people o.o
Usually not so many people come to concerts of Japanese rock bands so my friends and I all said to each other 'see you at the concert!' but in the end we couldn't find anyone haha fail.
I really had a blast! I knew almost of the songs they played and they are really good live! I'm glad I chose to come to the concert after all and if they ever come back to the Netherlands I will be there! ^_^  When the concert was over we finally found many friends and classmates and we ended up at the Mc Donalds xD And I was able to catch my last bus like a boss!
If you are interested in listening to these bands here are some songs that I like!

No scared

The beginning
Jibun rock

Wherever you are
This song was the encore, so beautiful *_* If I was a more emotional person I'm sure I would have had to cry.

And the upcoming weekend I visited the Halloween party of my friend Elise ^^
The plan was to also go to a party of people from my study but in the end I stayed at the first party haha.

I was a devil! Ó_Ò
Make up close up! Sadly you can't see the red eyeshadow so much, I should do it a little bit more over the top next time ^_^
Here are some party pics which I stole from Chivany and Fanny, hope you don't mind ^-^ 
Everyone looked so creepy and awesome ^_^
Love your costumes girls!

XDD! This horse no one actually knew who it was when he first came in the first 30 minutes hahaha
...And appeared in the most random places xD
...nomnom candy XD
Pompkoen and waifu~
It's a little derpy but at least you can see my outfit somewhat~ xD

Group picture!
Everyone looked awesome and most of them put a lot of effort in their costumes I think ^o^

Because I didn't want to go home too early I could luckily stay over at Elise's house ^_^ I anyway had to be in the Hague the next day too to meet up with Isabelle <3 Roos and Elise decided to come as well. It was a little bit embarrassing though as I didn't bring other clothes than my halloween outfit with me so I looked kinda goth the next day =w=;;

We went for a drink at the Hello kitty cafe in the Hague *^* it's so cute there!
You can order a high tea with hello kitty cookies etc. but we wanted to eat in a Japanese restaurant this evening so only drinks for us!
A bit blurry but you get the point.. xD
 Sadly my drink wasn't so good ;_; regretted that I didn't take the hot chocolate as well!
 We then went to some random stores, after reserving a table at Genki tei ^_^ But we were so hungry that we showed up one hour before our reservation LOL
 Getting hungry again when I see these pics ;__;
We didn't really know what to do in the evening so we randomly decided to go to the movies as well, how to spend all your money in one day? I know how to now xD

Thor 2!
It was a pretty awesome movie ^^ I should have watched part 1 first actually but well! The only annoying thing was that I was so tired that my eyes were closing by themselves and then I was like: NO SHOULD STAY AWAKE! I PAID 14 EURO FOR THIS Ó_Ò
Isa, Elise and me in the cinema~ I need a polaroid camera in my life T^T

I'm already excited for tomorrow ^_^ For the first time in like 5 years I will go to an anime convention again! My friends all work at the Monokuro maid cafe and they asked me to join as well so tomorrow I will be serving people as a maid at Nishicon (^_-)~

Click here to see the facebook page of Monokuro and give us a like!
If you happen to come to Nishicon too, I will be serving between 11:00 and 14:30 and after that my collegues can help you! And I would gladly sing a song with you or take a picture together^^ Between 14:30 and 18:00 there will be a pokemon theme were my collegues can help you so don't miss it!

See you next time! ♥